Jeff Kocher

Jeff Kocher

Guitar and Vocals

Jeff began his love for music at the age of 7.  Mom and Dad bought the family a Conn organ and lessons soon followed.  After 3 years of lessons, Jeff realized he longed to play guitar like his father.  So around age 10 he stopped organ lessons and began to teach himself how to play guitar.

Guitar lessons soon followed from distinguished local guitar “gods” Dave Whitehill and Tony Scozzaro.  After studying with those teachers for 10 years, and playing in a few bands throughout high school, he was ready to take the big step into the Buffalo music scene.

First up was Masquerade, hard rock cover band with childhood friends, Joe and Dave Dzialak.  After about a year of playing with Masquerade, the three friends joined forces with Buffalo Music Hall of Fame member Bobby Andalora and together they re-formed one of Buffalo’s best bands White Lies.  White Lies was a Buffalo staple for years, playing classic rock cover tunes. This time around however, White Lies would be an all original hard rock act where I played guitar as well as keyboards.

White Lies, took home Top Hard Rock Group in 1989 and 1990 at the Buffalo Music Awards.  And after writing enough material for an album, the band produced at 10-song album which attracted some national attention.  After 3 years of playing all over the Western New York, and northern Pennsylvania region, and opening for such acts like Danger Danger and Joan Jett, the band split up and everyone went their separate ways.

The next few years Jeff bounced around bands like Trudy Chase, Burn (with Taz for a short time), Spray and Blackest Red. In early 2001, Jeff got a call from another Western New York powerhouse band Hit N Run. Jeff played lead guitar and sang back ups with Hit N Run for almost a year.

Jeff put down the guitar in 2001 to get married and start a family.  After things settled down and he found time to “jam” once again, he joined up with John LaJoie in 2004 and formed Acoustic Forum.  This was a two-man un-plugged type band where Jeff was now lead singing and splitting the guitar work with John.  After about 2 ½ years of playing around the Buffalo music scene, Jeff and John parted ways and Acoustic Forum faded away.

Skip ahead to 2010 and Jeff receives a call from long time friend, Jay “Taz” Kuzara about a possible project that includes Taz, Mike Schill, and Bruce Decker with a singer to be named later.  Jeff & Jay tried over the years to put something together musically, but nothing ever really panned out.

Until now that is.

Breakaway is turning into being the dream band Jeff & Jay tried to form over the years.  And rounding out the new line-up with Scott Panfil on lead vocals brought it all together.

Great vocals, great musicians, and well ….IT’S GONNA BE A GREAT RIDE!!!!!!